Did you ever break one of Mum’s vases as a kid? You’ll know the struggle to find a tube of Whacky Glue in the laundry and liberally squirt that cheap adhesive all over the vase in some desperate attempt to fix it before she got home from work. After you had put the last piece back on, you took a step back, observed the zombie vase and realised you’re doomed.

Luckily, when it comes to cracked or broken roof tiles, there’s a much less stressful solution – and your Mum doesn’t even have to know about it. Using a sealant is a good solution if you don’t want to replace a broken roof tile. Let’s go through a few of the best sealants for roof tiles and explain why only a roofing professional is fit to do the job.

Roof cement

Using roof cement is one of the best sealants for cracked or broken roof tiles. Roof cement works best in dry conditions and the method involves brushing away any bits of debris from the hole in your roof before filling it in with the cement.


Some leaks may only require silicone. This product works best on smaller holes as a temporary fix. Still, silicone can be quite a lasting solution depending on your tiles and the climate of where you live.

Rubber sealants

Rubber sealants can also be effective, particularly if you’re forced to make the temporary repair under wet conditions. A good roofing team will always carry a high-grade rubber sealant to use on your broken or cracked roof tiles.

Always leave it to a professional!

While it may be tempting to give it a crack yourself, please don’t. Cracked and broken roof tiles must always be sealed by a professional roofer. Here’s why:

  • Risking further damage 
    Sure, you could have watched a couple of online tutorials and think that you’re good to go. But when compared to a professionally trained roofer with years of experience and the right equipment, there’s far more chance of something going wrong if you attempt it yourself.
  • Danger
    Roof work is a hazardous step-by-step procedure that involves steep pitches and heights, which aren’t ideal safety conditions. Roofers are trained to walk on and work on these uneven surfaces, minimising their chance of having an accident.
  • It’s not easy
    If you attempt to do it yourself, and it results in a patchy or scrappy looking job, you’ll need to call a roofer anyway. Don’t risk leaks in your roof which are a common problem when tiles aren’t sealed properly.

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