Whoever invented gutter guards deserves a medal. They’re a genius invention that we’ve seen emerge in the past few years. They block leaves, twigs and other debris from clogging up your gutters, saving you a lot of time and money on cleaning them regularly.

But what about the smaller bits of debris that are able to penetrate your gutter guards? Can they be cleaned out before they end up clogging your downpipes and costing you a fortune? Or are your gutter guards permanently fixed, like that awfully large spoiler on your mate’s 1997 Mitsubishi Lancer?

No, thankfully they’re not fixed. And yes – not only is it possible to clean your gutters, but it’s actually advised. Here, we’ll run your through Royce Roofing’s process of getting your gutters cleaned when you’ve got gutter guards.

Gutter guards are cleaned

It’d be kind of silly not to have the gutter guards cleaned while your professional roofer is already up there. Cleaning your gutter guards ensures that the holes are unblocked and that a free flow of rainwater is allowed to pass through to your gutters.

Gutter guards have to be removed

You’re not going to get very far with cleaning the gutters if the guards are still attached. The team at Royce Roofing remove your gutter guards before starting their rigorous cleaning process. Because they’re specialists in gutter guard installation and maintenance, the team at Royce detach and reattach your gutter guards in exactly the same way that they were installed.

Debris removal

Now, your roof expert will remove any larger bits of debris: clumps of dirt, small twigs and leaves that have managed to wiggle their way through your guards.

High pressure vacuum gutter cleaning

And here’s the fun part – the high pressure vacuum gutter clean! This is where your roof professional will use a high-pressure vacuum to vac your gutters clean. Say goodbye to the dirt and grime that’s been seeping into your downpipes and filters after it goes down our 40+ metres of hose and ends up in our tank.

Reattach the guards

As promised, your Royce professional will reattach your gutter guards exactly how they were installed… if not better!

Risks of not cleaning your gutters when you have gutter guards

It’s certainly not a smart idea to just leave your gutters and hope for the best. Because, when you do that, you can actually expect the worst. When dirt and other little bits of debris penetrate your gutter guards, it can create a blockage in your downpipes. Not only this, but if you use your rainwater for drinking and household purposes, it creates extra strain on your water tank pumps and filters.

Looking for the best team of roofers for the best price? Sounds like you’re after Royce Roofing. They’re Melbourne’s finest team of roof professionals, offering every service in the book – from gutter cleans to full-scale roof restorations. Call them up and get your gutters looking tip-top today.