Melbourne weather has a bad rep among the capital cities. One minute it’s shining with sunlight and the next minute it’s raining cats and dogs. Although it’s a bit of a generalisation, it’s often true, which is why it’s so vital to have a great quality waterproof roof coating. But what do we mean by ‘waterproof’? Aren’t all roof paints water proof in some way or another? We’ll explain what is meant by waterproof roof paint in this post.

Waterproof vs not waterproof

Let’s not get confused: all roof paints are, in some shape or form, waterproof. You’re not going to wake up after a heavy storm to find that your brand new coat of red paint has washed away into the gutters, stripping your roof dry.

What we mean by ‘waterproof’, is when a protective coat, like Dulux Acratex membrane, actively defends the rest of your roof from moisture. Instead of allowing moisture to penetrate the paint coat, a breathable membrane helps divert the rain into your gutters. Without a weatherproof roof membrane, your roof paint could result in peeling or flaking within a short amount of time.

Perks of Dulux Acratex roof membrane

The practical advantages of using a waterproof roof coating like Dulux Acratex are outlined by the levels of Dry Film Thickness. Elongation and tactile strength are two of the key qualities that make membrane much more effective at weatherproofing your roof than regular paint. These qualities are achieved when a product has a high level of Dry Film Thickness. Where your regular coat of low-film paint contains an average of 25 microns of Dry Film Thickness, Dulux Acratex contains 66 microns of Dry Film Thickness per coat. This is almost three times the amount of paint, making Dulux roof membrane a much more flexible and strong material than a regular coat of paint.

It’s this flexibility that allows the weatherproof roof coating to retain its water-resistance, even when it contracts and expands. Dulux Acratex roof membrane is therefore also much more effective at transmitting water.

Make sure your roofer has the good stuff

If you’re about to get a team of roofers in to restore or respray your roof, you have to be 100% certain that they’re using a great quality waterproof coating like Dulux Acratex roof membrane. Otherwise, you’ll risk having to do it all again when your paint starts to peel or flake within a few years.

Royce Roofing know that it always pays to use the good stuff. That’s why their roofers always use high grade membranes and paints from Dulux or similarly high-quality brands. They’re one of Melbourne’s best roof restoration teams, ensuring a lasting restoration at an affordable price. Get in touch with the pros at Royce Roofing to talk more about waterproof roof paints and restorations.