Something a bit off about your commercial roof? Sometimes, you just know that something isn’t right, even though you have no formal qualifications in the field of roofing. Well, that sixth sense of yours shouldn’t go ignored; it’s always best to consult a professional roofer and get your concerns inspected, so that a necessary repair can be made and you can go back to doing what you do best, which is running the business!

Here, we consult the pros at Royce Roofing, Melbourne’s commercial roof repair specialists, and explain some signs that your commercial roof needs repair:


There’s one place moisture never belongs, and that’s in your ceiling or roof cavity. If you’ve noticed that there seems to be a little moisture around your ceiling or walls, then you may have caught the beginnings of some serious roof problems before they’ve escalated. Moisture can be a sign that there’s a small hole or leak in your roof, which can quickly turn into full-scale leaking and ceiling damage. Got moisture? Get rid of it! Call the team at Royce Roofing and book in for an inspection.

High energy bills

If your business’s energy bills were unusually high this quarter, then it’s probably not a matter of the printer being used a little extra – it could certainly have something to do with commercial roof problems. High energy bills can indicate a roof leak, making your HVAC unit work harder to keep the temperature consistent. Calling a professional to locate the leak and patch it up is something you should do pretty quickly, to save the leak from getting larger and to put an end to your creepy energy bills!

Sagging ceiling

Sagging ceilings can be a pretty concerning sight for any business owner. But most of the time, the issue can be identified and solved without too much complication. Sagging ceilings on your commercial roof could be a sign that water has settled on the roof, causing the insulation to be compressed, or that a roof deck joist is broken.


If your commercial roof simply looks as though it’s seen better days, then there’s no harm in calling up a professional from Royce Roofing and getting them to take a look. The appearance of your commercial roof matters; there could be some visible wear and tear which, regardless of whether or not the roof is in view of customers, could present problems.

All business owners want one thing: less stress. Getting your commercial roof inspected and repaired sooner rather than later is one way to take the stress off your hands. Royce Roofing are your team of choice for commercial roof repairs. There’s nothing the team at Royce Roofing can’t do when it comes to your roof. With a specialist division of roof repairers, their team boasts over 300 years of combined experience. Quality repairs and quality quotes is what Royce Roofing are all about, so just ring the team to learn more.